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References throughout this "friends" website that may indicate or could be construed as being 1st person statements should be considered as being from a third person point of view. This is because parts of this website contain information copied and pasted from the "official" MCHC taxpayer funded website.

The official Montgomery County Historical Commission website is located at Please go to that website for official information.

Clarifying Who We Are

This is a "Friends Group" effort dedicated to providing an alternate website  supported soley by indvidual volunteers at no cost to Montgomery County taxpayers. It is our way of giving back for a lifetime of eperiences within Montgomery County Texas.

Our Mission is
  • to enhance and expand upon infomation gleaned from the official MCHC website AND
  • add new infomation and data that should be of infomative value to the public.

When possible; utilizing the resources at our disposal, we will always identify the source of material or graphic if the source is different from what is provided on the official MCHC website.

We do not represent this website as being error free. It is; however, intended to closely mirror and enhance information gleaned from the official MCHC website. Should an inconsistecy be noticed, please advise our webmaster.

We try hard not to infringe upon anyones writings nor do we knowingly post graphics that are not in the public domain in some manner. Should you believe you are the rightful owner of a percieved infingement of copyrighted or trademarked material that is not in the public domain, and do not want your claimed work displayed on this website, please send a request for removal along with your proof of ownership to the Friends of the Montgomery County Texas Historical Commissions'  webmaster.

In addition, we would appreciate reports to the friends' webmaster of any 
  • inconsistencies with the official MCHC website
  • substantive or gramatical errors (did you catch it?)
  • corrections
  • updates
  • mis-spellings
and especially any suggestions for improvement.

Thank You

End . . .  for now!
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Montgomery County Jail, 1891 to 1936